Global Explorations of Deborah Skye King

I am a teacher and mentor to women around the world who seek to love their lives, their bodies, their soul and express their spiritual essence. I walk between many worlds and interact with all of them, I am a gifted seer, sage and mystic that is honored to be on Earth. The impact I have upon women is training how to open their hearts to express their souls intelligence through the body’s beautiful template of organic mastery.

This I call The Mysterium.

It is the space between the worlds of real and imagined, the one that you so desperately want to experience to remind yourself of the joy, excitement and the pleasure of gifting yourself with letting go and being free again. Remember that feeling of being free? You might have to go back awhile, some to early childhood, others to early preteens when there was no world weighing down upon your shoulders, or bills that squished your ability to live your dreams. You used to play in your imagination, with your invisible friends. If you did not have friends on the other side, you made them up and you dreamed of what could be.

There has been no direct or concrete handbook of how to be human, there are books on how to make money, be healthy and fit, how to take a car apart of build a home, how to have great sex, read stories of fiction and mostly made up facts about Earth history, but no book on how to be a fully immersed, balanced and evolving human being.


Having studied and researched humanities origins for 35 years, it occurred to me early in my research that human beings are a very early evolving species that are not yet fully equipped with the intelligence or know how of how to operate within the human body. As most people are so distracted by their mental thoughts or emotional anguish that they forget the value of being embodied in such an advanced biological system that operates on much higher frequencies than most know how to at present. There have been many races of what is known as the homonid, seven to be exact that spans close to two million years of evolving as a species. This development has shape shifted us from the primordial relationship of natural creatures of our environment in nature, to organizing nature to our environment. This has altered the way today’s human conducts her and his relative understanding and most importantly, her attention to what matters the most, her presence within her environment.

We are not from here, but visitors for a short while to make the most of  our universal relationship to the pure essence of unconditional love. Humanity is doing a shit job on accepting love as the fabric of our reality. Fear has been the most misused diagnose within the collective consciousness that predominates the underlying frequency sought out prior to receiving love as the solution to all of life’s disorders.

The Mysterium is an easy benefactor to provide a solution to the world’s misfortune of accepting fear as the ruling factor of life’s interlacing web of construct reality. Humanity has adjusted to this frequency of fear and seeks it out as the norm,. Far from it!  Yet, when one is entranced with entanglements that have been passed down for generations and weaved into the very bloodline that courses through ones veins, then a cleansing of one’s awareness and opening of one’s mind and heart can provide the perfect solution.

Enter into the Mysterium.

Everyone has one and lives within one, it’s the ones that are conscious of the Mysterium who play the game of life to a different tune and step. It is here where you get to learn about your inner mystery that dwells within singing to a whole new sound that is not heard by most and entranced by few.